Giving Back This Thanksgiving


As employers and residence in Mississauga we are aware that within our own community there are still many in need. One of the most difficult challenges is the lack of affordable housing.

Locally The Compass – Mississauga Food Bank supports as many as 350 households a month with basic food and supplies while countless other go to The Compass for supplemental programs.  Many people go to The Compass because they have little money left for food after paying rent. There is an increasing number of people who are near-homeless. They have temporary arrangements with friends, sleep in cars, in local parks and temporary shelters. It is a difficult way to live, and creates mental and physical health problems. Poverty compounds problems.

Thankfully,  The Compass is able offer over 40,000 pounds of food and household items each month to their clients from food and financial donations, and through the support of hundreds of volunteers. 

This month our team wanted to get involved.  We collected boxes of  non-perishable food items and made a financial donation towards this organization.    We are thankful to our staff who always support our initiatives to give back in our community.

 If you are interested in organizing a food donation at your business or extending your time to volunteer for this valuable organization visit The Compass website to learn more about

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